Country songs are for heartbreak. Even the ones that don’t sound like it. The ones about driving big cars, hitting all the bars and never growing up? Those are sad when you think of the countless number of men who view women as sex toys, cars as status symbols and drink to pass time. Even […]

My stomach is in knots. I know that I should not. But I want, I want, I want. To say hello? That I told you so? No it’s something much more tame. Let go the past. The future is vast. Some how I do not. Though I try. The pain is still real. And I […]

I’ve been reading ^-^  I’m on night shift this month and there isn’t much else to do on my days off. Plus it’s a passion of mine that I’ve greatly neglected the past couple years.  All that is being remedied, I read TWO books just tonight. Mary Roach~ She is undoubtedly my favorite non-fiction writer […]

It’s time for another installment of Current  Obsession in Music.  Heard some really good stuff lately. 1. Do I wanna know? – Arctic Monkeys 2. Wings – Birdy 3.  Wasting all these tears – Cassadee Pope 4. Dear Boy –Avicii 5. Drown -Carolina Liar Ok so the last one I’ve liked and known about for […]

I’ve done it. We’ve all done it.  A one sided love affair.  Can we all agree that it sucks? Yes. Good. There is one thing I hate, THAT I HATE.   When they don’t say it. Being honest and saying “I’m just not that into you”.   A cliche, to be sure, but it’s amazing […]

Dear Dog, You probably don’t remember me, but in an alternate world I would be your owner.  A year ago you were a white and black spotted little love bug licking my fingers through the bars of the cage that you were already almost too big for.  I half didn’t want to, but He dragged […]

Lately I’ve been collecting interest.  I’ve been collecting interest in various topics that is.  All these things that didn’t seem interesting before now intrigue me. That is primarily because I’m starting to see how various things interact or are connected in some way.  I almost wish I could go back to college.  At the same […]

Ever since that magical Christmas back in 99′, when I received the best gift ever aka a gold gameboy color, I’ve loved me some handhelds.  However, best gift ever did not come with the best games ever. It came with Rage and The Little Mermaid.  Now as much as I love Dinosaurs and redheds…it was […]

Today I recommend to you three jewels of non-fiction.  While not my specialty, non-fiction is very good at somethings.  Mostly making me laugh and informing me. One of the funniest books I have read in along time.  I came across this book laying around when I had a lot of free time to kill so […]

I’ve been wanting to write something for the past few days. I’ll start and then put it down.  I even made a list of things I want to blog about eventually.  So I’ll start with the top of that list.  This is going to sound very dull; I going to blog about what I want […]

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